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Live Music for Weddings, Events, or Parties

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  • Corktown Revival

    Tickets are now on sale for the Corktown Revival show on August 10th.  We’re proud to be the first act performing at such a legendary Hamilton venue after it’s change of ownership.  Right now the line up will be A-Fos, a great hip hop act from London, followed by the Altobeelays, one of Hamiltons finest original funk groups ever, and then finished up with Brite Foot.  If you’d like to buy tickets please contact me or any member of these other bands and we’d be happy to set you up.

    Please check the performance schedule for lot’s of other upcoming shows through the rest of the summer!

  • Summer Shows

    Lot’s of great summer shows coming up, check the performance schedule page to find out when you can come out and see Brite Foot and Mother Tareka and the Greazy Steaz.  Lot’s of shows in Hamilton over the next two months!

    Really happy to be having a big party at the Corktown pub on Aug 10th, with our good friends the Altobeelays, a great chance to try and revive one of our old favorite venues which is now under new ownership (again).  Come out and have a great time dancing to a bunch of crazy funk and Motown acts!

  • Mini Tour

    Looking forward to a mini tour with Mother Tareka and the Greazy Steez.  Crazy new hip hop/afro beat/funk band coming out of Hamilton.  Premier show this week, Thursday night at the Casbah and Friday at the Mulberry both in Hamilton.  Following it up with the mini tour next week, Thursday through Sunday in Hamilton, Guelph, Kitchener and London.

    Very fun band with a crazy mix of a live rhythm section, mc, turntables and full 4 piece horn section.  Hope to see a lot of people coming out.  More info in the upcoming show tag.

  • Shows

    Just had a great weekend of music, with the last show of the Wiz on Friday night, a private party with Dan Willer on the Saturday morning, the Arts and Crafts Field trip music festival on the Saturday night (watching not playing) and a jam with mother Tareka and the Greazy Steaz on Sunday evening.

    Looking forward to the first live show of the full band on June 27th at the Homegrown in Hamilton. Should be a really exciting night and I hope to see a lot of familiar faces!

  • The Wiz

    Very excited to be starting “The Wiz” this week, a musical run by the Art Smart program and the Ancaster Theatre Company.  If you’re in the Hamilton area over the next few weeks come check it out.

    This week Brite Foot will be hitting the studio to record some demos, and I’ll also be in the studio with Tom Altobelli, Dan Willer, and Ashton Norman to record some jazz.

    Check for site updates later this week with new content!