Live Music for Weddings, Events, or Parties

Live Music for Weddings, Events, or Parties

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  • Website Updates

    Hello everyone.  I’m going to try to start updating this website regularly again, with posts about upcoming shows, recording dates and other thrilling information about all the various musical goings on.

    Over the next few weeks I intend to redo the links and make them more personalized for each different band and group that I’m currently working with.

    This Friday will be the debut performance of the Mark4 band, at the Windjammers pub in Burlington.  No cover, great music and food, would be happy to see a few friendly faces.

    On Saturday I’ll be with Funkhaus Canada in Kitchener getting the Valentines festivities started.

    Thanks for checking out the site, please look back often for some new content coming soon.

  • Content

    I have decided that I need more content for the website, so for the next few months I will be offering some deals.

    Anybody who offers me event photos, reviews, testimonials, on this website or on any of the other sites that I advertise through, will be given a discounted rate.

    Please use the contact form to discuss rates and discounts privately.


  • New Stuff

    Very excited to be playing a wedding with Will Mukuna tomorrow in Sombra Ontario, and jamming with Brite Foot later tonight.

    Fixed that guys trumpet in the banner, and added a few pictures and recordings.  Booked a little bit of studio time so new jazz/classical/Brite Foot recordings should be added within the next 2-3 weeks.

    Thanks for checking in.